student missions 2018


In 1885, seven Cambridge students left the UK to take the Gospel to Chi na’s lost millions. For them this was a radical response to Christ’s call to “go into all the world.” One of the students was CT Studd, a world-famous cricketer and all seven had privileged backgrounds. Before departing, the Seven toured UK universities and when other students saw that these who “had everything” were “giving it all up” to sow their lives into missions, they were stunned. Hundreds were inspired to follow. Seventy years later another seventy students went out, inspired by the Seven to devote two years of the lives to international missions. Today, this wild call to follow Christ and to go into all the world, even unto the ‘ends of the earth’, is still going out. God is still calling. Will you follow.. his call…. of the wild?

Call of the Wild by Jack London

“Deep in the forest a call was sounding, and as often as he heard this call, mysteriously thrilling and luring, he felt compelled to turn his back upon the fire and the beaten earth around it, and to plunge into the forest, and on and on, he knew not where or why; nor did he wonder where or why, the call sounding imperiously, deep in the forest.”

CT Studd

“Some wish to live within the sound of a chapel bell; I wish to run a rescue mission within a yard of hell.”

DL Moody

“God has given us two hands -one to receive with and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing.”


Can you hear the call of the wild?

In the summer of 2018 we are planning on taking groups of young adults into the nations to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. This is not going to be a vacation, but a month-long challenge. We are looking for young adults who are wanting to step into their identity as warriors for the kingdom of God. Jesus was serious when He gave the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and so are we.

  • 30 June 2018 - 29 July 2018

  • £600 (plus airfare) for whole month / £112 for training and debrief camps only/ reduced rates for shorter outreaches (Team UK/ Albania)


OPTION A: Build your own team

Plan your outreach with support from us, recruit a team and join our training and debrief camps

OPTION B: Join one of our teams

Team East Asia

Details coming soon!

Team Japan

Join us in bringing God’s light to this beautiful, but often forgotten nation, where less than 1% of people identify as christians. Through prayer, service and evangelism we want to partner with God, planting seeds of hope that will bear fruit long into the future.

TEAM UK (10 days)

Thousands of international students come to Cambridge to improve their English every summer. Many come from nations where they have little or no opportunity to hear about Jesus. Join us in sharing the gospel with them through friendship, music and sport. (This outreach will run until 15 July and could be combined with Team Albania).

Team Albania (10 days)

Partner with YWAM Albania in reaching out to tourists from the Balkan region on the beach. They’ll be sharing the gospel in creative ways, including skits, songs, dancing, face painting, worship, sports, and distributing Bibles, and partnering with youth from local churches. (This outreach will begin on 17 July and could be combined with Team UK).

The first few days would consist of training at the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) base in Derby. We will do our best to equip you to be the most effective for the kingdom of God. You will then depart with your team to your mission location. Once there you will be working with your team to present the Gospel message in a way that best serves that nation. This could vary from mercy ministry to street evangelism. After spending around 3 weeks in the mission field you will come back for a time of debriefing and sharing your stories with the other teams. And those stories you will be able to carry with you for the rest of your life.

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